Section Drilling

Extremely accurate CNC section drilling and scribing

We have two drills operating around-the-clock, able to cut, drill and handle the longest industry standard lengths.

Each drill is equipped with a six-position automatic tool changer, to drill beams and columns on both flanges and the web.

We can drill up to 90mm thick flats, together with plates, angles, hollow sections and channels.

Reference marks and part numbers for fabrication can also be added to simplify identification once the material has arrived on site.

We also offer straight cut and mitre. Production multi-kits are a speciality.

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Recent work

A collection of images, taken by our team, from some of our recent projects.

Capacity table

The following capacity table should act as a general guide. Where dimensions are stated, such dimensions are for guidance only and are provided by the machine manufacturer. Please contact a member of our sales team if you require more precise tolerances.

  Universal Beams Columns
Maximum 1016mm x 305mm 356mm x 406mm
In Feed 18.3m 18.3m
Drill sizes 10/12/14/18/20/22/26/32/38mm* 10/12/14/18/20/22/26/32/38mm*
Orientation +90°/0°/-90° +90°/0°/-90°
Tolerance ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
*other sizes available on request

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