Fully automated, Rosler steel preservation line

The success of any corrosion protection is down to the quality of surface preparation.

Our shotblasting line, removes all rust and scale in next to no time.

A gas-fired, pre-heat chamber removes moisture from the steel and greatly improves the drying time once it is painted. Waste heat energy is recycled to the drying tunnel down the line.

The blasting process uses four, sensor-controlled blast wheels to remove all rust and scale from the steel - whatever its size.

A rotating brush and blow-off unit then remove any remaining shot media to complete the process.

We can also perform primer painting.

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Recent work

A collection of images, taken by our team, from some of our recent projects.

Capacity table

The following capacity table should act as a general guide. Where dimensions are stated, such dimensions are for guidance only and are provided by the machine manufacturer. Please contact a member of our sales team if you require more precise tolerances.

  Rosler Blasting Line
Maximum Width 1600mm
Maximum Height 540mm
Maximum Length 18m
Industry Standard SA 2½
Pre Heater 200°C

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