Steel Services


Our modern structural steel service centre can cut out (including weld preps), cut to length, drill, punch, shear, shot blast and primer paint - all on a single site. We're more efficient and can get things done quicker, saving our customers time and money.

More than capable

Plasma Profiling

Our Gemini is perfect for the cutting and machining of end plates and fittings and can produce an infinite variety of weld preps, by milling or plasma. The high speed spindle can drill holes from the smallest to the largest. It can even tap holes and mill surfaces ready for bearings. Individual components can be marked-up, ready for use.

Punching & Shearing

Jobs that would have once taken an age to do manually can now be completed in a matter of minutes. Our Ficep Tipo, punch and shear, makes light work of even the most awkward jobs. It can punch on the vertical and horizontal, mitre sheer and corner clip with a clean finish and minimal ding. It’s an impressive machine with unmatched versatility.

Cutting & Drilling

Ordering your steel from us and having it delivered cut to length and drilled ready for the next stage makes perfect sense. We can cope with the largest beams, individual stock lengths and even bundles. Saving you time, money and giving you one less thing to worry about.

Steel Preservation

Shot blasting is an important part of the fabrication process and provides a clean, scale-free surface for welding. Our Rosler Steel Preservation Line includes a fast-drying, water-based primer paint unit so that your steel arrives finished, ready for final assembly.

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